Customs Updated:
31 Jul 2017

Registration, Licensing and Designation External Policy

Sars on 08 November published its “Customs External Policy Registration, Licensing and Designation” that deals with the types of clients required to be registered: Automotive Production Development Programme (APDP); approved exporters; cargo reporter; electronic communication with Sars; exporters; importers; Special Economic Zone (SEZ) operators, Designated areas as Customs controlled areas within an SEZ and Customs Controlled Area (CCA) Enterprise, Section 21A; manufacturers in terms of drawback items 501.00 to 521.00; producers for Preferential Trade Agreements (PTA) and Generalised System of Preference (GSP); and rebate users in terms of Schedule 3, 4 and 6; and registered agents in terms of rule 59A.01.

In addition, the document deals with types of clients, premises or facilities required to be licensed: (i) Carriers - removers of goods in bond; (ii) Clearing agents; (iii) Depots: container and degrouping; (iv) Customs warehouses: Storage warehouses (OS) including CCA enterprises; Manufacturing warehouses including Customs-controlled area enterprises; Special Storage warehouses (SOS): Storage of local manufactured and /or imported goods for supplies to foreign-going aircraft or vessels as stores, spares and equipment; Inbound and/or outbound duty and tax free shops; and storage of imported second-hand motor vehicles; (v) stockist warehouses; and (vi) Search abandoned wrecks or for abandoned wrecks.

Designation of a portion of the SEZ landmass as a Customs controlled area is also covered. The registration to participate in the deferments scheme is also discussed.

 The following are not covered in this policy: (i) Surety / guarantees (increase / decrease) (refer to SC-SE-05); (ii) Supporting documents, see ECS-LER-01-A02; (iii) Designations other than terminals and SEZ or Customs-controlled area related activities; (iv) The Legal entity registration which must precede registration, licensing or designation, see ECS-LER-03; (v) Accreditation, see SC-CF-27; (vi) Completion of the application form(s) and annex see SC-CF-23; (vii) Use of origin declaration on invoices issued by Approved Exporters in terms of the SADC-EPA Agreement, see SC-RO-01-06; or (viii) Management of deferments, see SC-DT-B-02.

Story by: Riaan de Lange