Customs Updated:
31 Jul 2017

Tax Administration Laws Amendment Bill, 2019

On 28 October the South African Revenue Service (Sars) announced that the Finance Minister intended to introduce the Tax Administration Laws Amendment Bill, 2019, in the National Assembly on 30 October 2019.

The explanatory summary of the Bill provides for the amendment of the Customs and Excise Act, 1964, so as to make technical corrections; to insert definitions; to extend a provision providing for information sharing and exclude certain information from the application of the prohibition on disclosure of information; to clarify that an invoice may be amended by the issuing of an amended invoice or by the issuing of a credit or debit note in circumstances where the amount reflected on the invoice is amended; to clarify that tariff determinations, amendments to tariff determinations or new tariff determinations apply to all identical goods entered by the same person, whether the goods were entered before or after the date on which the determination is issued; to exclude bulk removals between excise manufacturing warehouses of alcoholic beverages classified under any subheading of tariff heading 22.04 or 22.05 of Part 1 of Schedule No.1 to the Act, 1964 from compulsory tariff determinations; to clarify that value determinations, amendments to value determinations or new value determinations apply to  goods mentioned therein entered by the same person before or after the date on which the determination is issued; to limit the circumstances in relation to which applications for general refunds will be considered; and to extend the general rule-enabling provision to include matters relating to the making of advance payments in relation to the importation of goods.

Story by: Riaan de Lange