Yale study exposes depression amongst seafarers

A recent study by Yale University has exposed a dangerously high number of seafarers with mental illness, as over 20% of the participants indicated that they had suffered depression or had contemplated taking their own lives. The study, which was commissioned by the Seafarers’ Trust, revealed that participants who felt depressed associated these mental states with violence and bullying, lack of job satisfaction, and not feeling valued.

Commenting on the study, Dave Heindel, chair of the Seafarers’ Trust, said the more attention that is brought to mental illness the less people will feel stigmatised by the disease.

“The more we talk about mental health, the more we reduce the stigma associated with it. This report really helps us to understand the contributing factors and provides a basis for demanding some fundamental changes in the way the shipping industry operates,” said Heindel.

He added that it was the responsibility of everyone in the shipping sector to try to combat the industry-crippling disease. - Bjorn Vorster

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