Botswana adds products to its importation verification list

Bottled water is one of the products that Botswana has added to its imports regulation list.

Certification agency Bureau Veritas (BV) has announced that the Botswana Bureau of Standards has added a variety of products to its Standards Import Inspection Regulation (SIIR) list.

New additions to the list, like products currently subjected to SIIR scrutiny, will have to be cleared and accompanied by the necessary Certificate of Authority (COC), which can be obtained through BV.

The new products requiring COC documentation for Customs clearance into Botswana as from January 1 are bottled water, electric cables, circuit breakers, electricals tools such as drills, grinders and sanders; household electrical appliances such as vacuum cleaners, dish washers, washing machines, refrigerators, heaters, air conditioners, pumps, fans; as well as electrical toys, protective gloves and tyres.

Although other products have apparently also been added to the list, BV didn’t state what these were.

Botswana already has an extensive list of products requiring COC verification, ranging from fire safety items, food and agricultural products and produce, electrical appliances, chemicals, automotive ancillaries and safety glass.

For more information on country-by-country COC specifications, please visit – Eugene Goddard

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