SA female truck drivers desperate for work

With an unemployment rate of 29%, female truck drivers in South Africa are desperately looking for work opportunities - and 40 have applied for positions at a Ghanaian logistics company. Felicia Marfo, CEO of Ghana-based Ladybird Logistics, said she had considered moving her enterprise after seeing her applications dominated by South African drivers.

“Initially when we only had one Ghanaian applicant and more than 40 South African applicants respond after a full month of advertising, I almost gave up and considered the option of relocating South Africans to Ghana to drive the trucks,” said Marfo.

Ladybird Logistics is an all-female logistics company from Ghana, specialising in the delivery of fuel to Ghana’s gold mine. Marfo started the company in 2017, committing to create opportunities for women in male-driven industries.

“I knew next to nothing about trucks or the logistics industry but I believe in empowering women to venture into male-dominated industries. Ghana has no female truck drivers and everyone considers trucking to be a male profession too difficult for women,” she concluded.

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