Post office warns of parcel delivery scam

Following up on reports of fraudulent activities, the South African Post Office has warned the public about a parcel delivery scam designed to defraud them of their money.

“Members of the public receive SMS messages informing them that a parcel could not be delivered to them because VAT needs to be paid on the parcel.  A link on the SMS leads them to a web page where they are requested to deposit money into a bank account,” it said yesterday.

The SA Post Office does not require customers to make any bank deposit before parcels are released, with VAT and other fees to be paid in person when the parcel is delivered or collected.

The post office went on to say that parcel recipients will only receive a collection SMS, and not one requiring bank deposits, urging recipients to ignore those messages.

“The SA Post Office advises the public to ignore communication of this nature,” it said. – Bjorn Vorster

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