Ghana calls for stricter Customs enforcement

If a deal is too good to be true, it probably is.

That’s the message from the Ghana Revenue Authority (GRA) to importers following several reported cases of fraud where individuals posed as clearing agents but were in fact fraudsters.

The President of the Ghana Institute of Freight Forwarders, Kwabena Ofosu Appiah, cautioned importers to be vigilant in their dealings with clearing agents who offered attractive deals because, according to him, that was a typical red flag for potential fraud.
He said that duties were fixed and non-negotiable so importers should guard against the temptation of bargaining for lower duties.
“If the deal sounds too good be careful otherwise everything is game. It is unfortunate. I want to state it emphatically that nobody can do anything about your duty once it is appropriately determined,” he stated.  
A former Commissioner of the Customs division of the Ghana Revenue Authority, Wallace Akondor, urged the Customs division of GRA, to step up prosecution of fraudulent clearing agents and in addition penalise them

“I think that for people who wilfully misconduct themselves we should, in addition to securing the revenue and the penalties, step up prosecutions,” he said.

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