Duty Calls

Wire Rope and Cables Anti-dumping Duty

On 04 October the South African Revenue Service (Sars) announced the deletion of various anti-dumping items and the insertion of Antidumping Item 215.02 in Part 1 of Schedule No 2 to the Customs and Excise Act, 1964 “Antidumping, Countervailing and Safeguard Duties on Imported Goods: Anti-Dumping Duties on Imported Goods” to amend the tariff headings liable for anti-dumping duty for wire ropes and cables, imported from or originating in the People’s Republic of China. The reasoning is contained in the International Trade Administration of South Africa (Itac) minute 05/2019.

Tobacco Product Counters Rules – Comment due

Sars on 02 October published draft rules under Section 110 to the Act, 1964 “Tobacco product counters”, for comment which is due by 04 November. The proposed rules oblige the licensee of a customs and excise manufacturing warehouse of tobacco products to determine the quantities of all manufactured products by means of a functional product counter on each tobacco manufacturing machine. The draft rules explain the physical requirements of the product counter system, details of which will be communicated by the Commissioner for Sars to the licensee in writing at least 30 days before the installation date. The licensee would need to further adhere to strict reporting requirements but may request approval from the Commissioner for an alternative methodology if the prescribed product counter system cannot be used.

Sacu UCR Rule Amendment

On 04 October Sars announced an amendment of the Rule to the Act, 1964 relating to the Southern African Customs Union (Sacu) Unique Consignment Reference (UCR) number.

Container Depots – Comment due Sars on 30 September called for comment on the draft rule amendment notices to amend item 200.08 of the Schedules to the Rules to the Act 1964 “Places where container depots may be established” on which comment is due by 15 October. Section 6(1)(hB) of the Act, 1964, empowers the Commissioner for Sars to appoint places where licensed container depots may be established for the storage, detention, unpacking or examination of containers or the contents of containers, for the delivery to importers of the contents of containers after such contents have been duly entered or for the packing of containers for export. This amendment is intended to list Lebombo in Item 200.08 in terms of section 6(1)(hB) of the Act, 1964 as an approved place for the establishment of licensed container depots. Schedule to the Rules to the Act, 1964 is amended to “Places where container depots may be established (Section 6(1) (hB) of the Act) Cape Town, Durban, East London, Germiston, Johannesburg, Lebombo, Port Elizabeth, Pretoria, Richards Bay, and Saldanha Bay