Dube Agrilab explores sustainable farming options

As a means of counter issues facing farmers and growers - and exploring alternative technologies to sustainable farming, Dube Agrilab has launched a new micro-propagation laboratory at the Dube TradePort Special Economic Zone in Durban. 

Speaking at the Undercover Farming Conference in the Western Cape this week, Melissa Timothy, Tissue Culture Technologist at Dube AgriLab, reassured stakeholders within the agricultural industry that these innovations would save numerous plant variations.

“There is growing consensus that farmers and growers need to consider alternate growing techniques and innovative technologies to develop and grow more resilient crops”, said Timothy.

“Without such methods, current long-standing plant varieties are not likely to withstand the new environments.”

A rapidly increasing global population, along with the negative effects of climate change and a decrease in water supply has resulted in a legitimate threat to food security, and Timothy is concerned whether traditional farming methods can keep up with rapid technological advances.

“Other industries, including pharmaceuticals, construction, cosmetics, energy generation and manufacturing, which depend on plant material, will also be negatively affected unless plant growers adapt to the changing environment and embrace alternative methods such as plant breeding and genetic manipulation,” she concluded.

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