Duty Calls

Chips or French Fries – Lutosa On 27 September the International Trade Administration Commission of South Africa (Itac) announced the substitution of anti-dumping items 204.05/2004.10.2/03.07 and 204.05/2004.10.2/04.07, in terms of Part 1 of Schedule No 2 to the Customs and Excise Act, 1964 “Antidumping, Countervailing and Safeguard Duties on Imported Goods – Anti-Dumping Duties on Imported Goods” to amend the name of the producer and/or exporter PinguinLutosa Foods BV to Lutosa. In the case of anti-dumping item 204.05/2004.10.2/03.07 “Chips or French fries produced by Lutosa”, covered in rebate items 301.00 to 399.00, and 401.00 to 499.00, imported from or originating in Belgium, the rate of anti-dumping duty is 5.81%. In the case of anti-dumping item 204.05/2004.10.2/04.07 “Chips or French fries (excluding those produced by Agristo N.V Harelbeke, Clarebout Potatoes N.V, Mydibel Foods S.A and Lutosa)” covered in rebate items 301.00 to 399.00, and 401.00 to 499.00, imported from or originating in Belgium, the rate of antidumping duty is 30.77%. The anti-dumping amendments are effective on the date and the reasoning is provided in Itac Minute 04/2019.

New MobiApp for Customs Officers The South African Revenue Service (Sars) acting executive: customs & excise centre of excellence, in a letter dated 27 September, announced that this month a new MobiApp was being introduced to assist Customs officers working in the field (eg, members of the detector dog unit) to record and manage all cases on the Sars system. The app will also generate a case number, which will be given to clients to enable them to keep track of the case. The MobiApp is being piloted at OR Tambo International airport from 30 September and will then move on to the sea modality, followed by the road and rail modalities. We therefore ask that all clients whose goods are inspected request a case number from the responsible Customs officer. This will enable you to have a clear record of the inspection and a reference for any subsequent enquiries in respect of that case. We trust that this new initiative will improve efficiencies when it comes to recording and tracking cases end-to-end.

SEZ OR Tambo International Airport – Comment due On 20 September the Department of Trade and Industry (the dti) called for comment on the extension of OR Tambo International Airport Special Economic Zone, which is due by 26 October.

Sacu Trade Facilitation Director The Southern African Customs Union (Sacu) has called for applications for the position of director: trade facilitation and revenue management, which are due by 04 October. The main purpose of the job is to implement the Sacu agreement objectives regarding trade facilitation, trade liberalisation, revenue sharing, economic integration, enhanced economic development, diversification, industrialisation and competitiveness; and promotion of the integration of member states into the global economy through enhanced trade and investment