Stats reveal extent of China’s coal cutback

Measures to limit emissions and diversify China’s economy are making an impact on the nation’s coal usage, according to Sarah Liu, deputy general manager of Fenwei Energy.

Liu said that China had taken steps to reduce coal consumption to meet its goal of reducing its proportion in its energy mix to below 58% by 2020.

“China is very close to meeting its emissions target,” Liu said. “Coal accounted for 59% of China’s overall energy consumption last year, with gas, nuclear power and renewable energy making up around 22%.”

And while coal’s slice of the energy mix is shrinking in China, the world’s biggest coal consumer still used more of the resource last year in absolute terms than in 2017, according to China’s National Bureau of Statistics.

“China is promoting power replacement for coal in the form of gas and renewables. It is also supporting the usage of clean coal technologies,” Liu said.

“But there is still a great demand for coal, and it will exist in the Chinese energy mix for some time to come.”

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