Law enforcement needs to do more to address ‘alarming’ rise in cargo crime

IUMI’s Policy Forum chairperson, Helle Hammer.

Cargo crime has reached “alarming proportions”, and much more needs to be done to better facilitate the safe and secure flow of goods within the global supply chain and to minimise risk.

This was highlighted in a revision of the International Union of Marine Insurance (IUMI) position paper, published yesterday. It contains recommendations aimed at improving the prevention of cargo theft.

The paper emphasises that efforts by law enforcement agencies to increase transnational cooperation to combat cargo theft must be further enhanced.  

IUMI’s Policy Forum chairperson, Helle Hammer, says: “Cargo theft is having a negative impact on supply chains and economies around the world as the costs caused by stolen cargo, business interruption and loss of reputation do not simply disappear but are factored into the pricing of the products which are moved around the globe every minute of every day.”

She added that cargo theft is often portrayed as a victimless crime. “It is important to remember that cargo theft is not only a financial consideration, but it is also putting at risk the safety of the people working in the transport sector. Protecting their safety is vital.”

In the IUMI position paper, a number of suggestions have been put forward to help prevent cargo theft. These include the continuation of exchange of best practice across borders on local initiatives; establishing a dedicated cargo theft taskforce; training with a focus on cargo theft awareness and prevention; and enhanced due diligence by shippers and logistics or transportation companies when selecting agents and staff. 

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