Angola touts trade and investment opportunities

There are numerous opportunities for trade and investment in Angola which go beyond mining, oil and gas.

“Angola is undergoing reforms to diversify its economy, and while there are a wealth of major business opportunities in oil and gas and mining – particularly diamond mining and beneficiation – there is strong growth in the non-oil sectors such as agriculture, construction and tourism,” said the Minister of Commerce in Angola, Dr Joffre Van-Dunem Junior.

He was addressing about 200 businesspeople at the Trade and Investment Seminar, hosted by the Department of Trade and Industry in Luanda as part of a week-long Outward Trade and Investment Mission to Angola which began on Monday.  

“Angola recognises South Africa as a trade and investment partner, but we have dig deeper to expand our co-operation in order to ensure that the relationship with our business partners translates into a productive partnership that will enable the participation of small, medium and micro-sized enterprises and the transfer of specialised skills and technology,” said Van-Dunem Junior.

He said his government was committed to reforms which would enhance the competitiveness of the business environment.

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