Gautrain demands water supplies be reinstated, says account is up to date

Gautrain on Wednesday demanded that water supplies to its Sandton station be restored immediately by the City of Johannesburg because its accounts were up to date.

In a statement Gautrain said: "The City of Johannesburg turned off the water supply to the Sandton Gautrain station due to the landlord and owner of the property, Cedar Park Properties (which is a privately owned Company with no link/association to Gautrain), apparently owing monies on its rates and taxes account". 

The statement issued by spokesperson, Kesagee Nayager, added that the water supply was turned off on Friday, 6 September, even though the Gautrain water account with the City of Johannesburg was up to date and had been paid in full.

The train service said it had subsequently implemented temporary measures, such as portable ablution facilities, to ensure that passengers and employees were not adversely affected.

"We do have health and hygiene concerns as it’s imperative for a transport system that services more than 20,000 people at the Sandton Gautrain Station every day to have its standard ablution facilities operational," said the statement. 

"We therefore urgently require the water supply to be restored. Why the City has opted to turn off the water supply and thereby inconveniencing Gautrain customers on a dispute between the City and Cedar Park Properties is unclear to us.

"But we call on the City of Johannesburg to restore the water supply to the station and to resolve the dispute that they have with Cedar Park Properties via the appropriate legal channels."

Earlier this week MMC of Finance Funzela Ngobeni said the City of Johannesburg cut off the water supply to the Sandton Gautrain Station because its utility bill was in arrears for six years.

Ngobeni does not dispute that the property on which the Sandton Gautrain Station is situated was owned by Cedar Park Properties 39. The MMC said the Regiments Capital-linked company owes the City of Johannesburg R8 million for water, refuse, sewage and property rates. – ANA

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