Violence continues in Johannesburg CBD

SA Police Service spokesperson Captain Kay Makhubela.

Despite assurances by the Gauteng government of a “fairly stable” Johannesburg on Friday, unrest continued in the city late last night.

Captain Kay Makhubele, spokesperson for Gauteng’s police service, confirmed last night that a group “is looting and attacking people” and that a building in Malvern had been set alight.

Earlier on Sunday, one person was killed in violence in the Johannesburg city centre, with Makhubele confirming that the victim had been stabbed with a sharp object at the corner of Bree and Plein streets.

Five others had been injured after a group of men – armed with sticks and pangas – marched through the city centre after disrupting a meeting in which Inkatha Freedom Party president Mangosuthu Buthelezi was addressing hostel residents.

The ANC has urged law enforcement agencies to “find a permanent solution to these sporadic incidents and ensure that stability and normality are restored”.

“We call on the police to be firm and uncompromising in dealing with criminals who, among other things, deal in drug and human trafficking, regardless of their nationalities or place of origin,” said party spokesperson Pule Mabe.

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