Protests cause logistical delays for farmers

Agricultural producers have faced logistics delays this week amid truck driver protests and inner city looting.

“The latest attacks on trucks and major access routes have a direct impact on the agricultural sector because inputs, perishables and other products are not delivered on time or do not reach their destination,” said Tommie Esterhuyse, chair of Agri SA’s Centre of Excellence: Rural Safety.

Acording to him this contributes to major losses in a country where food security is of the utmost importance.

"These attacks can deter investors to the detriment of the whole of South Africa. Safety in rural as well as urban areas is a prerequisite for food security, job creation and prosperity, which supports the objectives of the National Development Plan.”

Esterhuyse also said the industry lobby body was working  closely with the South African Police Service and had made policing policy proposals. Furthermore, the Agri Securitas Trust Fund recently donated more than R1.5 million to support safety measures in rural areas.

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