Zambia-Tanzania bulk liquid freight to be moved from road to rail

From September the Tazara hinterland rail link between Tanzania and Zambia will start seeing more bulk freight.

A Tanzanian statutory directive requiring that 30% of bulk freight be carried by rail gained extra impetus with the announcement that Zambia Railways Limited (ZRL) had signed a deal with Delta Energy Zambia and the Tanzania-Zambia Railway Authority (Tazara) for the transportation of up to six million litres of fuel monthly.

The agreement was made official on August 14 in Lusaka at a signing ceremony attended by Bruno Ching’andu, Christopher Musonda and Sairam Subramanam, respectively the CEOs for ZRL and Tazara, and MD of Delta Energy.

Commenting on the opportunity it presents for Tazara to display its capacity potential, Ching’andu said: “This is another area where we have a competitive advantage and it will be good for us to demonstrate our capability to move bulk liquid safely and cost effectively.”

The bulk liquid haul will enter a trial run first, commencing on September I. Petrochemicals will be brought in from the east through Tanzania’s capital and principal harbour from where it will be transported to Ndola, Zambia’s copper belt city nerve centre.

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