‘Don’t wait to report hijackings’

RFA CEO Gavin Kelly

As the Road Freight Association continues to make progress in its anti-hijacking campaign, CEO Gavin Kelly has urged operators to report incidents immediately.

The association has recently broken three syndicates in Gauteng and has seen a decrease in the number of fuel transport hijackings.

“But as with medical emergencies, there is that golden hour – and getting the incident reported as quickly as possible is critical. We are now with SAPS able to track where vehicles are in relation to hijackings and that has been a breakthrough.
According to Kelly a trend that increased dramatically this year is the move to hitting trucks at the depots or warehouses instead of on the roads.

“We have found that a lot of it does have an internal link and it is important that truckers scrutinise their operations.”

-Liesl Venter

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