Report inwards/ outwards for ships On 08 August the South African Revenue Service (Sars) published its form DA1, “Report inwards/outwards for ships” to the Customs and Excise Act, 1964. As a note on the form, the following particulars should be reflected on the manifests: Bill of lading number, marks, numbers, quantity, description, mass and measurement of packages, description of goods, name and address of consignees (or shipper, in the case of goods outwards), column for acquittance particulars (or destination of goods, in the case of goods outwards). The form also requires the following annexures: (a) Container lists and manifests of containers which are not controlled by the approved container operators and which are consigned to this place. (b) Manifests of break-bulk cargo consigned to this place. (c) Container lists and manifests of containers/ break-bulk cargo loaded at this place. (d) List of excisable goods and of imported non duty-paid goods shipped at stores. The form also requires that the following declaration be made, “I hereby declare that – (a) container lists and manifests of containers which are controlled by the approved container operators, and which are consigned to this place, were produced to the controller on …….; (b) container lists and manifests in respect of containers loaded at this place will be produced to the controller within 14 days of the departure of the ship from this place; (c) the abovementioned particulars, as well as the particulars shown on the attached manifests (pages 1 to …….) and/or lists, are true and correct; and (d) no goods have been taken on board or delivered out of or jettisoned from the ship or washed overboard since its departure from its last place of call.”

2019 edition of the AEO Compendium now available The World Customs Organisation (WCO) on 09 August published its 2019 Authorised Economic Operator (AEO) compendium, offering a concise and structured overview of existing AEO programmes around the world and of Mutual Recognition Arrangements/ Agreements (MRAs) signed between countries. The compendium provides a brief summary of each AEO programme, comprising information on accreditation criteria, procedures and expected benefits, as well as associated MRAs. AEO programmes and MRAs that are in the pipeline are also listed in the compendium.

WCO publishes an E-Commerce Package On 08 August the WCO published its E-Commerce Package providing guidance to Customs administrations on establishing or enhancing the legislative, policy and operational framework for managing cross-border e-commerce. The package includes the Framework of Standards on Cross-Border E-Commerce and the accompanying WCO Council Resolution adopted in June 2018, as well as various tools adopted in June 2109, supporting the effective and harmonised implementation of the various standards.

Duty Calls Watchlist Comment due on: The sunset review on wire ropes from the United Kingdom and Germany; on gypsum plasterboard from Thailand and Indonesia; and on frozen potato chips from Belgium and the Netherlands by 26 August. The reduction of customs duty on cooker hoods; and the rebate of the duty on optic fibre cables by 23 August. The 2019 Draft Taxation Laws Bills by 23 August.

FTW 16 August 2019