Risk management company urges carriers to penalise shippers for misdeclared cargo

A global risk management company has encouraged all shipping lines to introduce penalties against shippers who misdeclare hazardous cargo,

TT Club has welcomed initiatives by ocean carriers Evergreen, Hapag-Lloyd and OOCL to implement additional precautionary measures against misdeclared hazardous cargo following “a spate of fires and growing concerns about cargo packing”.

“We have been collaborating with stakeholders through the supply chain to highlight ongoing risks arising from poorly packed and misdeclared cargo,” said TT Club risk management director, Peregrine Storrs-Fox

Between 5% and 10% of containership cargo was declared as dangerous goods, but the extent of misdeclaration was impossible to tell, he added.

“A key element of the campaign against misdeclaration is to identify levers – both sticks and carrots – that are available to improve a safety culture in the unitised supply chain,” said Storrs-Fox.

He said penalising shippers where deficiencies were found should be applauded. “Government enforcement agencies are encouraged to take appropriate action under national or international regulations to deter poor practices further.”

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