Tema ramps up security as stowaways are deported

The Port of Tema has vowed to ramp up security and close all loopholes to keep out unwanted stowaways.

The port security manager, Joseph Punamane, said the Ghana Ports and Harbours Authority would deploy robust methods to ensure that Tema Port was not used as a conduit for individuals who wanted to travel overseas illegally.

He made the comments after three Nigerian stowaways were disembarked in the port after they were discovered on board a Europe-bound vessel.

They said they had travelled in search of greener pastures and had boarded the vessel separately at the Port of Lagos.

Two of the stowaways said that this was not their first attempt and that they had been deported previously.

Punamane said the stowaways would be repatriated to their country and the authorities there would deal with them according to their laws.

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