Road freight sector advised to adapt and transform

RFA CEO Gavin Kelly.

The road freight industry must adapt and transform to keep pace with automation and artificial intelligence, delegates at the annual Road Freight Association (RFA) conference that opened in Swaziland heard yesterday.

The sector remains under pressure in the face of increased costs and regulation.

“It has been a difficult year for us since we last came together,” said RFA CEO Gavin Kelly.  “We have all felt the lashing tongue of what was called the foreign driver issue and the road ahead is still filled with potholes and a number of challenges.”

Opening the annual conference, Kelly said road freight as an industry had to adapt to a new business environment while still dealing with ongoing challenges around cost, infrastructure and increased legislation and regulation.

In the face of this change, said Kelly, the RFA had taken up the challenge and was also adapting as an organisation.

Kelly said a new set of mission statements and objectives had been drawn up.

Talks on the first day of the conference focused on the concept of change and the outlook for new generation fuels, electric vehicles and future emerging technologies.

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