Roads barricaded as residents protest against land grabs

Motorists and transporters have been warned to proceed with caution when using the R553 and the section of that road known as the “Golden Highway” after residents barricaded it with burning tyres in protest against land grabs today.

According to reports this morning residents of Lenasia South, Ennerdale, Eldorado Park and Zakariya Park decided to take matters into their own hands, dragging objects across main thoroughfares and setting them alight.

People from the area phoned in to a radio show complaining that they could not get to work or school, and police confirmed that all exit roads out of Ennerdale had been blocked off.

“People must use extreme caution when travelling through these areas,” a SAPS spokesperson said.

A businessman on his way to work said he had to make a U-turn on the Golden Highway because of rocks and burning tyres.

And a resident from the area, Logan Reddy, accused authorities of turning a blind eye to land invasions.

“It’s getting out of hand at the moment,” he said.

“We are surrounded by informal settlements. It’s not stopping and is causing havoc. The crime has gone up and the infrastructure can’t cater for it. How do we live in this area when the government is causing such havoc?”

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