Zambia to build nuclear centre for peaceful purposes

JOHANNESBURG, July 17 (ANA) – The Zambian government plans to build a nuclear centre in Chongwe, Lusaka Province strictly for peaceful purposes to advance science and technology.

Minister of Higher Education Nkandu Luo said the Centre for Nuclear Science and Technology would bring many benefits to the country in various sectors including health, education and agriculture, among others, as she urged Zambians to embrace the idea, the Lusaka Times reported.

Luo made her comments during a meeting with a number of cabinet ministers at Lusaka’s parliament on Tuesday after it was decided that the law makers needed to be informed of developments so they could make an informed decision on a bill to proceed with the construction before the legislation was passed.

A Memorandum of Understanding was recently signed with the Russian government to construct the nuclear centre.

- African News Agency (ANA)

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