World’s largest LNG bunkering successfully completed

Titan LNG bunkering Heerema Sleipnir offshore Sumartra. Source: Titan LNG

Dutch liquefied natural gas (LNG) supplier, Titan LNG, yesterday announced the completion of the world’s largest LNG bunkering offshore in South East Asia.

The Heerema dual-crane ship ‘Sleipnir’ was supplied with over 3 000 metric tons of chilled fuel offshore Sumatra.

“This is the largest quantity of LNG that has ever been bunkered and proves that this upcoming fuel is available anywhere now,” Titan CEO Niels den Nijs said.

Titan chartered the Coral Fraseri, a small-scale LNG vessel, which followed the Sleipnir offshore and performed a ship-to-ship operation to cool down and fill the tanks.

The ship loaded at the Singapore LNG terminal.



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