Vinpro announces new appointments

Conrad Schutte who has been appointed to head up Vinpro’s viticultural consultancy service.

Non-profit viticultural organisation Vinpro, has announced a changing of the guard that involves the shifting of one manager to a new position and the promotion of another.

Conrad Schutte, who has been with the wine body since 2010, has been tasked to take over from Francois Viljoen who has headed up Vinpro’s viticultural consultancy service (VCS) for the past 20 years.

Viljoen, in turn, will shift to Gen-Z project, “an industry-wide technology transfer initiative” aimed at grooming future viticulture professionals.

Considering the wealth of experience Viljoen has accumulated during his tenure at VCS, he seemed like a shoe-in to drive Vinpro’s aspirations to cultivate future grape growers and wine makers.


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