Transport department determined to resolve ‘road carnage crisis’

Minister Fikile Mbalula delivered the Department of Transport's budget vote on Tuesday. Source: Fikile Mbalula via Twitter

Transport Minister Fikile Mbalula yesterday committed his department to resolving what he describes as a “road carnage crisis”.

Mbalula was speaking in Parliament late yesterday afternoon during a debate on the department’s budget vote.

“We have a road carnage crisis on our hands and it is time we call it what it is – a road carnage crisis.

He warned that the Department of Transport would soon implement strict measures with traffic law enforcement officers.

In addition, Mbalula revealed that the department was exploring a 24 hour shift schedule programme within law enforcement to combat the “unbecoming behaviour”.

“Our resolve to arrest the carnage on our roads has never been greater.”

According to Mbalula the transport sector remains essential for the South African economy.

“Our attention will focus on delivering a transport system that enables economic activity and stimulates growth by giving practical effect to our commitment to lowering the cost of doing business.”


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