Relax, use of Kiswahili not a problem – EAC

Pan-Africanist development at a trade level has received a boost with news that the East African Community (EAC) has partnered with the African Union to promote Kiswahili as “a language of wider communication”.

The development is said to be in line with a “Dar es Salaam Framework of Action” that was earlier adopted by the African Academy of Languages.

The EAC has since undertaken to work towards spreading the use of the language through the region.

Speaking in Zanzibar after the announcement was made, Tanzanian minister for arts, culture and sport, Harrison Mwakyembe, said it was important to “galvanise the spirit and energy of Pan-Africanism and the need for Africa and persons of African descent to be united”.

The EAC did not divulge any details of how it intends to implement the use of Kiswahili at an official level through its involvement in customs coordination through the region.

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