Africa forging ahead with digital progress – Tralac

Africa is fast immersing itself in the digital economy which, writes John Stuart of the Trade Law Centre (Tralac), has become the economy.

Whether it’s finance, trade, education or government, Africa is managing to introduce digital technologies into most spheres of business, he adds.

“While Africa initially lagged behind the developing world in adopting technology and migrating commerce modes to the new digital forms, in the last few years Africa has taken several leaps forward.”

This sentiment is in keeping with an address by Maputo corridor consultant Barbara Mommen who, addressing a recent Transport Forum seminar in Johannesburg, said the border between Ressano-Garcia and Lebombo was but one transit link where “exponential strides were made with upgrading systems” for cargo between Johannesburg and the Port of Maputo.

Referring to a trade brief underscoring his optimism, Stuart says it confirms the view that Africa has made notable progress “in assimilating into the global digital economy, addressing the most pressing current challenges and reviewing several of the most exciting current challenges under way”.

With regard to making headway in tackling e-commerce challenges across the continent, Stuart writes that “never before have so many initiatives been in place with the goal of both digitising Africa’s trade and bringing African markets closer together”.

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