DRC drives hard to increase efficiencies of cargo to Dar es Salaam

Efforts by Tanzanian port authorities to speed up efficiencies in Dar es Salaam appear to be rubbing off on hinterland concerns, with reports from the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) confirming that its freight forwarders have been asked to speed things up.

Following successes over the past three years since the port instituted 24/7 processing procedures, Business Congolese International (BCI) has apparently asked freight forwarders from that country to follow suit.

BCI president Mukendi Kabobu Godefroid said much had been done in Dar to cut costs through addressing congestion and administration issues.

Delayed payment regimes for storage have been significantly accelerated, enabling faster throughput and supply chain efficiencies.

“And yet some people are still not working at night,” Godefroid said.

As a result the BCI and related freight concerns are working toward synchronising cargo processing on the DRC side of its linkages with Dar.

Senior BCI official John Kapeta says efforts to increase turn-around times include cooperative input from the DRC’s Ministry of Works, the departments of Transport as well as Communications, and involvement by the Tanzanian Revenue Authority.

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