Pills-from-pot to surface in Atlantis

Twelve hectares of land in the Atlantis Special Economic Zone near Cape Town has been set aside for a cannabis cultivation and pharmaceutical laboratory plant to be run by American company, Canopy Growth.

The plant will aim to produce medical-grade cannabis that is said to be backed by solid clinical research, says Jody Aufrichtig of Canopy Growth.

According to the company’s MD for Africa, around 250 jobs will be created during the launch phase of the Atlantis plant.

Speaking to journalists, he emphasised that “scientists from different disciplines are involved in the production process”.

The capsules they intend to export in the end are based on “good clinical evidence and good clinical results in alleviating certain symptoms, particularly nausea for people who are on chemotherapy”.

In order to attain and build support among oncologists and pharmacists, the production process would have to abide by the “good manufacturing principles” followed by pharmaceutical manufacturers the world over, Aufrichtig said.

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