Good news for citrus exports to Indonesia

There’s positive news for citrus exporters to Indonesia following the lifting of a moratorium on permits that had been in place since February this year.

“Indonesian importers who can meet the requirements can now apply for permits across all citrus lines,” Citrus Growers’ Association CEO Justin Chadwick said in his latest weekly news update.

In addition, the Department of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries, the PPECB and Citrus Research International (CRI) had revised the shipping temperature rules to fall in line with Indonesian requirements, which involved the lifting of the set point.

“This will allow shipping at slightly higher temperatures,” he said. “The shipment temperatures will be monitored in 2019 in order to review the requirements in the future.”

He encouraged exporters sending fruit to Indonesia to contact PPECB to discuss the latest developments.

Chadwick believes that Indonesia presents an exciting market for southern African citrus.

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