Regional integration the answer to SA’s energy security - Radebe

South Africa had identified regional interconnection and integration within the Southern African Development Community (or SADC) as an appropriate strategy for increasing energy trade within the region, said Jeff Radebe, Minister of Energy.

Speaking at an energy indaba in Cape Town this week, Radebe said failure to aggregate efforts would put unnecessary pressure on the meagre resources available in the region and hamper the achievement of the sustainable development goal 7 (SDG 7 speaks to clean energy) by 2030.

“Our energy security can be greatly enhanced through regional development and integration,” he said. “South Africa works closely with partner countries, both at the bilateral and multilateral levels, to ensure that the region develops secure, reliable and affordable energy carriers that would assist in unleashing the region’s economic potential.”

Radebe said SADC was well endowed with natural resources that, if well harnessed, could potentially eradicate energy poverty.

“Several undertakings have been made in this regard, both at the regional and national levels. The SADC energy ministers have endorsed an energy programme with specific projects which cover gas, hydro power projects, solar and wind, and a few coal power projects.”

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