Saudi tankers attacked as US-Iran tension mounts

The building stand-off between US war vessels in the Persian Gulf and Iran has coincided with an attack on two of its oil tankers, Saudi Arabia has claimed.

The bulk fuel carriers were off the coast of the United Arab Emirates when they fell prey to saboteurs that the kingdom said has added to tension in the gulf.

This is despite early indications that the attackers are not affiliated to the US or Iran.

In the meantime sea traffic around the Strait of Hormuz, a problematic choke-point at the best of times, is fast approaching unmanageable levels.

At the same time the build-up of American fire power in the region continues unabated after it deployed an aircraft carrier, bomber planes and defence missiles last week in a show of military might that perceptibly signals imminent war with its arch nemesis.

Since the attack on its tankers, Saudi energy minister Khalid Al-Falih has expressed grave concern about what’s happening in the gulf.

He said it was undermining maritime navigation and that consumers the world over would feel the brunt of the impact that tension in the gulf would no doubt have on the price of oil.

Earlier today crude futures rose 2% after news broke of the attack on the tankers.

And as Iranian leaders are rattling sabres of their own, warning the US of dire consequences if it launch an attack, President Donald Trump is showing no signs of standing down.

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