Governments commit to resolving Kasumbalesa impasse

In a concerted effort to resolve ongoing congestion at the Kasumbalesa border between Zambia and the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), representatives of both governments have committed to monitoring border security and ensuring the safety of transporters.

This follows a joint trade discussion attended by representatives of both governments at the border.

Extended border operating hours will continue to apply as clearing processes are fast tracked.

Economic attaché for the DRC, Mzungu Docta, told FTW Online that there were ongoing talks to operationalise a one-stop border post at Kasumbalesa.

“All trucks going into the DRC will be cleared at the Zambian border post, nothing will be done in the DRC. Once the cargo is cleared in Zambia, it will go directly into the DRC without being double checked,” said Docta.

According to Mark Pretorius of Zambulk Tankers, the situation at Kasumbalesa has “dramatically improved”.

Pretorius said Kasumbalesa was crucial for Zambulk as most of its liquid bulk moved through the DRC.

“[We] have not delivered in Zambia in six months.”

- Chante' Ho Hip 

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