Trucks burn as Easter begins

A truck burns near Hendrina after it was set alight by disgruntled miners. Source: NomphiloK

The alleged non-payment of coal miners in Mpumalanga led to the torching of six trucks and an Eskom bakkie near Hendrina as the Easter weekend was about to start.

At the time reports reached FTWOnline, no arrests had been made yet, adding doubt to transport minister Blade Nzimande’s earlier warnings that violent disruption on the roads would be “decisively” dealt with (see additional reports today).

Nzimande made his remarks after the National Truck Driver’s Association threatened to cause havoc on the roads over its ongoing opposition to the employment of foreign nationals by local transporters.

When word was received about today’s incident out east, Nzimande reportedly stated that it’s “unfortunate” that South Africa is still experiencing truck burning.



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