‘African Swine Fever incident not expected to affect the pork industry’

The African Swine Fever (ASF) outbreak in the North West province – confirmed late last week – is an isolated incident and does not seem pose any risk to the South African commercial pig industry at this stage.

This from Johann Kotzé, CEO of the South African Pork Producers’ Organisation (Sappo) who pointed out that the outbreak occurred on a game farming operation in the Ditsobotla municipality near Lichtenburg.

“The farm is isolated and there are no commercial pig producers in the area. The farm is situated approximately ten kilometres from the ASF-controlled zone and is most likely a spill over,” Kotzé said.

He added that Sappo would assist the Department of Rural, Environment and Agricultural Development (READ) in the North West province with active surveillance on the farm and the surrounding area.

“A training and awareness campaign will also be launched ensuring that the quarantine measures are upheld for the next three months and that the pigs that were exposed will be contained in order to stop the risk of ASF spreading from the farm,” Kotzé said.

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