Kasumbalesa back-up unchanged without affecting revenue – ZRA

The congested Kasumbalesa border had not impacted on revenue collection, said the Zambian Revenue Authority (ZRA) in a statement on Tuesday.

The previously reported 72km-long queues at Kasumbalesa consisted of trucks awaiting entry into the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC), said the ZRA.

It added that all trucks on the Zambian side of Kasumbalesa had been cleared as they were mostly transit goods and local exports.

“Both scenarios do not attract any export taxes. Zambia does not have an export tax system except on timber and precious stones,” specified the ZRA.

Zambian officials have since engaged with Congolese authorities to tackle the congested border.

According to independent journalist, James Hall, the border remains unchanged.

Recent video footage confirms that more than 1 000 trucks remain lined on the T3 road linking Zambia and the DRC earlier today.

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