FAA joint task force to review Boeing strategy

Source: Boeing

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), together with aeronautics agency NASA and international aviation regulators, have developed a joint task force to review Boeing’s solution for its 737 Max 8 jets, the FAA said yesterday.

The Joint Authorities Technical Review team will assess the automated flight control system, which investigators suspect was the cause of two fatal crashes – one in October last year and the other just last month – that killed 346 people in total.

They say that the flight data retrieved from the black boxes of both aircraft have shown striking similarities between the crashes.

Yesterday, Boeing CEO Dennis Muilenburg accompanied pilots on a successful 737 test flight where, according to Boeing, “the flight crew performed different scenarios that exercised various aspects of the software changes to test failure conditions”.

The updated software worked as designed, said Boeing, adding that it would continue testing the aircraft.

In the meantime, the FAA said it would be receiving Boeing’s final package of its software enhancement “in the coming weeks”.

“The FAA will not approve the software for installation until the agency is satisfied with the submission,” it stressed.


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