Comair grounds Boeing aircraft as public pressure mounts

Fallout from the deadly Ethiopian Airlines crash last weekend in which 157 passengers perished continues unabated after Comair announced that it would ground its Boeing 737 Mac 8 aircraft.

The company only acquired the aircraft in February but bowed to public pressure after China and Indonesia grounded their Max 8s earlier this week.

Indonesia’s decision hardly came as a surprise as a Max 8 killed 189 when it came down near Jakarta last October.

Investigators are still working on unearthing a possible link between the Jakarta tragedy and the recent crash in Bishoftu south of Addis Ababa.

The Cayman Islands have also recalled their Max 8s.

Boeing has since given its assurance that it’s doing whatever it can to cooperate with civil aviation inspectorates, including the local body, in its efforts to safeguard the airways.

South Africa’s Civil Aviation Authority confirmed that besides the Comair aircraft that had been grounded, it had another Max 8 on the local aircraft registry.

It is uncertain though which airline has one of these aircraft in operation.

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