Policy uncertainty around agriculture persists after Sona - AgriSA

AgriSA president, Dan Kriek

While President Cyril Ramaphosa’s commitment to steer the South African ship out of troubled waters is “admirable”, agricultural lobby body AgriSA says it’s a pity that the policy uncertainty about land, rural safety and the drought crisis was not adequately addressed in last week’s State of the Nation Address (Sona).


AgriSA president, Dan Kriek, said in reaction to the address that he was heartened to hear Ramaphosa  giving recognition to the agricultural sector and its valuable contribution to the economy. “He says the sector is well developed, resilient and diversified - and that it can serve as a basis for growing agriculture and the economy.”


Kriek said it was “worrying” that the president had not mentioned the severe and ongoing drought that continued to have an impact, or the increasing violent crime in rural areas.


“Farmers are under pressure due to policy uncertainty and the effect of criminality and drought. The president must give the sector the support to be sustainable,” said Kriek.


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