The Lighter Side

Some MMMMMs – Middle of the Month Mirthful Monday Moments:

If Monday was a haircut it would be a mullet.

I feel so in shape today. Sadly that shape is a potato.

Why are so many things in life optional except Mondays?

What’s that scratching sound? Oh, it’s just Monday, sharpening its claws.

The definition of Monday: A new week with a fresh batch of BS!

Why are weekends so far from Mondays but Mondays so close when it’s weekend?

How does the worst blues song ever start? Woke up this Monday morning…

In the end we’re all Friday people in a Monday world.

How to describe a bad Monday when you’re PC: I’m having a previously dispossessed Monday.

Monday – a dreadful way to spend one seventh of your life 52 times of the year.

Universal truth: 50% of all workers are late on a Monday.

World productivity levels on Mondays have been found to be the worst of all with only 3.5 hours at work amounting to anything.

In case you think the rest of the month is going to get better: whether you believe in magic or not, this time of the month is like hocus pocus I’m brocus.

Reason to be cheerful: Today in history Nelson Mandela was released from prison. Too bad the 11th of February in 1990 fell on a Sunday.