MCLI closes its doors

MCLI CEO Barbara Mommen

Following its 14th AGM in Mbombela this morning, the Maputo Corridor Logistics Initiative has closed its doors.

Established in 2004 to make the Maputo Corridor the first choice for the region’s stakeholders, it has worked closely with public and private sector stakeholders to address non-tariff and technical barriers to trade on the corridor.   

Capacity and funding issues have however forced the organisation to close shop.

“It is extremely difficult to quantify the impact of the MCLI’s work over the years, but it is clear that without the organisation’s ability to harness and exploit every available platform for highlighting the benefits of the Maputo Corridor and its growth in capacity and throughput, the Maputo Corridor would not have achieved the status it has as one of Africa’s leading transport corridors,” said MCLI CEO Barbara Mommen.

“The Board’s decision to cease operations at the end of February 2019 was taken after two years of unrelenting pressure and a thorough examination of the different options confronting us.”

The organisation had been headed up by several committed and passionate leaders, said Mommen. “These include chairmen Dr António Matos and Dr Mathews Phosa who took over from Jorge Ferraz, the first chairman, who set the tone for the collaborative engagement and conciliatory approach of the past 15 years. The first CEO, Brenda Horne, was instrumental in taking the organisation into the spotlight and winning the hearts and minds of the logistics and supply chain community on the corridor.  Her legacy is phenomenal and we will forever be indebted to her for her work.

“We close this chapter with heavy hearts, but with the comfort of knowing that our work has been worthwhile in every way, and that every member of staff we have had in this phenomenal team have invested their passion and conviction in this important work. I have a strong conviction that the continued efforts of the corridor countries to sign the requisite agreements and plot a sustainable way forward will be successful,” she added.

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