Remote container management system on parade in Berlin

Hamburg Süd is set to roll out its Remote Container Management (RCM) system for reefer cargo to all customers by the third quarter of this year, according to chief commercial officer Frank Smet.

The system, which is currently in a test phase, uses satellite and mobile radio technology to monitor the reefer container and the condition of the cargo inside it – including its location, temperature profile, relative humidity, and concentrations of oxygen and CO2 – around the clock and in real time. In addition, certain settings can be adjusted remotely.

The line is demonstrating the capabilities of the RCM system at the Fruit Logistica trade fair which is under way in Berlin.

According to Smet, in recent months all the refrigerated containers used by Hamburg Süd have been fitted with RCM technology. 

“Customers can now use an online platform or an app on their tablet or smartphone to obtain an overview of the condition of their cargo in the container at any time. In addition, they are automatically notified when individually defined parameters or limit values are reached.”

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