Nestle sets trend for supply chain transparency

Swiss-owned food and drink multinational, Nestlé, has announced that it will disclose a complete and comprehensive list of its suppliers for 15 priority commodities.

These commodities make up 95% of the company’s annual sourcing of raw materials.

"Consumers want to know what is in their food and where it comes from. Therefore, transparency in our supply chains is essential” said Magdi Batato, executive vice president of Nestlé.

By mid-2019 the $200-billion company will publish its complete supply chain information for other priority commodities such as eggs, sugar and cocoa, to name a few.

Nestlé has also implemented block chain to make the transition towards enhanced transparency as smooth as possible.

The company said it aimed to set the trend for transparency in the industry while accelerating its journey towards full supply chain disclosure.


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