CGA acts to promote transformation

The Citrus Growers’ Association has put in place proactive measures to facilitate transformation initiatives in the industry.

Until now, a 20% levy that is spent on transformation has been targeted at black grower development and human capital development.

However at a recent CGA strategic planning session the board resolved to also get involved in assisting growers with AgriBEE.

“Understanding and implementing AgriBEE can be a time-consuming exercise,” said CGA CEO Justin Chadwick. “Recent government documents indicate that it is likely that levers like water rights and export certification will be used to ensure that AgriBEE is widely implemented. And although the contents of these documents are being tested from a legal and rationale point of view, there is likely to be additional pressure to abide by AgriBEE requirements.”

CGA will help growers understand the requirements and suggest ways to improve compliance levels. “For example, growers earning below R10 million per annum can be certified by sending an affidavit to this effect.”

The organisation has assigned Portia Gasa to the project and she has developed a short questionnaire to help understand growers’ needs.


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