Shipping major calls for intermodal cooperation to achieve carbon neutrality

A P Moller - Maersk is set to accelerate its transition to carbon neutral shipping, with its goal to reach carbon neutrality by 2050.

“To achieve this goal, carbon neutral vessels must be commercially viable by 2030, and an acceleration in new innovations and adaption of new technology is required,” said chief operating officer Søren Toft.

“Maersk's relative CO2 emissions have been reduced by 46% (baseline 2007), approximately 9% more than the industry average,” he said.

In his view, the only way to achieve the necessary decarbonisation of the industry is by fully transforming to new carbon neutral fuels and supply chains.

And he believes the entire supply chain should be working in unison – and that includes road, rail and aviation. “The yet-to-come electric truck is expected to be able to carry max two TEUs and is projected to run 800km per charging. In comparison, a container vessel carrying thousands of TEUs sailing from Panama to Rotterdam makes around 8800km. With short battery durability and no charging points along the route, innovative developments are imperative,” he said.

And given the 20-25-year life time of a vessel, he said it was now time to join forces and start developing the new type of vessels that will be crossing the seas in 2050.

Over the last four years, Maersk had invested around USD 1bn in energy efficient solutions, he added.

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