Sacu Customs modernisation achieves tangible results

Five years since the launch of an initiative to support the effective implementation of the SA Customs Union (Sacu) Customs Modernisation Programme, the project has achieved tangible results in the areas of IT connectivity, trade facilitation, risk management and legislative reforms.

That’s according to the World Customs Organisation which joined forces with the Sacu secretariat and the five Customs administrations of the Sacu region (Botswana, Lesotho, Namibia, South Africa and Swaziland) to facilitate the effective implementation of the programme.

One of the key achievements of what has become known as the WCO-Sacu Connect Project was the development by Sacu of its own regional framework for IT connectivity, based on the WCO Data Model and Globally Networked Customs (GNC). Also significant, South Africa and Swaziland have now entered into live data exchange.  

“The Sacu region has also developed a framework for its Regional Preferred Trader Programme (scheme and operating manuals), covering 76 operators, and has trained a critical mass of Preferred Trader auditors to effectively roll out the programme at regional level,” according to the WCO.

“In terms of risk management, the region has developed and effectively implemented a regional risk management package which has seen the successful completion of three regional enforcement operations resulting in significant seizures and remarkable levels of revenue recovery.”  

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