UK submits WTO document to smooth post-Brexit trade

UK ambassador to the WTO, Julian Braithwaite.

The UK has submitted a draft schedule of World Trade Organisation (WTO) undertakings it hopes will lessen the current fallout of Brexit negotiations.

Despite the 45-day period for WTO officials to certify or reject the proposed concessions and commitments (C&Cs), the UK’s representatives are confident that the draft schedule will be approved.

A statement released after the draft was submitted yesterday said that the “UK considers this notification to be a rectification of its C&Cs under the WTO, on the grounds that the schedule replicates, as far as possible, the UK’s C&Cs as an EU member.”

Posing with the schedule after it was delivered, the UK ambassador to the WTO, Julian Braithwaite, said they were certain that the draft schedule would be certified and that it was unlikely that objections would be raised during the 45-day review period.

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