Angola tightens regulations on 54 imports

Angolan secretary of state for economy, Sérgio Santos.

The Angolan government is tightening regulations on a list of 54 imported products – mostly food and consumables – effective immediately, according to the secretary of state for economy, Sérgio Santos.

He announced during a press conference today (Monday) that the 54 affected products had been identified by the government to fast-track import substitution. These include glass, wheat flour, abaxi, sugar, table water, beans, eggs, oil, onions, salt and cement.

Santos said these measures were aimed at helping small entrepreneurs to ensure the sale of their products and also the future sale of those who invested.

"It is not a matter of prohibiting or preventing imports of these products; priority will simply be given to access to domestic production. As we know the production of these products and others still have a poor supply, so for some years we will have to import these products,” he said.

Angola is a key export destination for South Africa with the neighbouring country having imported US$580.79 million worth of goods from South Africa in 2017, according to the United Nations COMTRADE database on international trade.

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